Take back your ticketing.

The world's first ticketing platform that puts control back in the hands of artists, venues, organizers, and promoters.

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Tickets made simple for everyone, everywhere.

A complete ticketing technology platform designed by MIT engineers who have democratized ticketing for a third of the world's population. Enable your fans and audiences to easily purchase tickets to your venue or event. Having executed global on sales of millions of tickets per event, our platform is designed for performance and reliability. Whether you are a local performing arts center or the organizing committee of a stadium style international sporting event, size is no bar.  

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Powerful modules and features that allow you full control of your inventory and events.

Enthrall your audiences with extraordinary features of Austin theme. Create highly customized pages effortlessly. Austin will definitely make a profound impression on your visitors. Users can easily create their venue builds, set up events, price inventory, manage allocations including comps, sell across multiple channels, and integrate access control.

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Venue builds

Detailed builds, seat maps, and layouts for all sizes - from 50 seats capacity to 100,000 and more.

Inventory control

Full control of event mapping, price categories, paid/comp/sponsors allocations.

On sale phases

Manage and schedule phases of your on sale to maximize revenue and attendance.

Dynamic pricing

Maximize your event revenue with algorithmic elastic pricing and supply in real time.

Partners and integrations

End to end solutions with marketing, CRM, payments, and access control integrations.


Our clients love us for the exponential value the platform provides them.


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This ticketing platform is aiming to overthrow Ticketmaster as global leader.


Ticketing receiving much needed upgrades.


Book fast-disappearing cricket world cup tickets on kyazoonga.com, the official ticket hub online...Kyazoonga writes a big "Woo hoo!" when your booking is confirmed. Nice touch.


Ratan Tata buys into the Big Ticket - invests in Kyazoonga.


Four ways technology is changing the events industry.


2016 Rio Olympics: Kyazoonga in race for 3000-crore ticketing contract.

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